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It was so the hottest day Konoha had seen in a while and everyone’s Favourite knucklehead ninja was spending it in front of multiple fans in his room shirtless. Bored completely out of his mind Naruto sat up and stared at the spinning blades in the fan before he sighed. Of course the sound echoed back. Naruto found himself giggling and saying choice words into the fan.

Sasuke walked into the room then and covered his mouth with his hand to keep from laughing. It was just the weirdest thing Naruto had done in a while. That’s saying something. Sasuke walked over and sat down next to Naruto who turned with a serious face to Sasuke.

"Your turn." Naruto said with such determination Sasuke knew it was pointless to argue.

"Fine. But we tell no one of this."


Anonymous asked:



Ah! I didn’t think anyone would ask so I went searching for the questions again until I remembered they would be on my blog. Embarrassing ~ But thank you very much this is my ultimate OTP. 

Who kills the bugs?
Naruto probably wouldn’t care enough to kill the bugs because they’re completely harmless and he doesn’t fine them gross at all. (He’s probably used to them from living alone as a child) Whereas Sasuke, for the first eight years of his life at least, was raised in a much more proper household and is like, “Naruto this is disgusting I refuse to live this like what is wrong with you,” and sets them on fire. 

Who hogs the sheets?
They would both try to. Neither of them are used to sharing a bed with anyone, not even with parents or other friends so they would fight over the blankets, Naruto would force them to cuddle so they could try to share and then Sasuke would eventually push the blankets and Naruto off the bed because of how overheated he is. 

Who hates the mornings?
If they’ve been training late neither of them really like mornings but Sasuke is a lot better at forcing himself to get up. Naruto needs to stay in bed for a little longer and contemplate his life choices before stumbling after him. 

Who’s cranky before they had their coffee?
Sasuke. Naruto is always rather energetic and doesn’t like coffee because he finds it too bitter and doesn’t care if it makes him seem childish. He thinks you’re more childish for thinking drinking gross things makes you mature. Sasuke just needs all the help he can get so he doesn’t murder anyone he’s not supposed to. 

Who doesn’t like their mother-in-law?
Neither. Both Naruto and Sasuke love that their mother’s were close friends even if neither would admit it. Sasuke respects how strong Kushina is and that she could control the Kyuubi. As well as the fact she died to protect Naruto. He would never say anything bad about her, and when he first saw a picture of her told Naruto he had her smile. Naruto holds the same respect for Mikoto, especially when Sasuke is in a good enough mood to tell Naruto stories about her. He loves that she was a powerful ninja, who despite planning a coup against the village, loved her family and only ever wanted the best for Sasuke. 

Who drives?
Neither. Cars don’t exist. Both of them do know powerful shunshin (body flicker) techniques, however. Naruto will occasionally grab Sasuke while he is doing this so he can carry him around bridal style. Sasuke will elbow him in the face in return. 

Who gets horny in awkward public places?
Naruto. Sasuke is too controlled for that. Naruto says it isn’t his fault that Sasuke does everything far too seductively, even if it is on accident. Sakura makes fun of him and says he’s worse than all of the Sasuke fangirls from when they went to the Academy combined. Sasuke acts annoyed but he’s secretly into it.

Who had a scene phase?
Sasuke when he came back for the Chunin exams after living in the forest with Kakashi with awkwardly long bangs and a full black onesie. Naruto made fun of him for it and Sasuke was like wth you wear a bright orange tracksuit get away from me with your fashion advice. 

Who wore braces?
Neither, but Kurama would fix Naruto’s teeth if anything was wrong with them. Sasuke would also be super cute in braces and Naruto would agree. (Kinda want a picture of Sasuke in braces now omg) 

Who got bullied?
As a child, Naruto was bullied because of the Kyuubi. Also, since we are now aware of the fact that the village didn’t really like the Uchihas until they felt obligated to like Sasuke after the massacre, I feel like Sasuke was kept within the compound and didn’t really interact with people in the village because of negative treatment. That was why when everyone acted all nice when he was the “Last Uchiha” Sasuke was like wtf no. 

Who collects ceramic elephants?
Sasuke since he was a child, and then he brings them to his shared apartment with Naruto. First, Naruto thinks it’s hilarious and then awesome so he starts adding to the collection until their entire apartment is covered with ceramic elephants. Anyone who visits is kind of freaked out and disturbed. 

Thank you so much for asking! Sorry if it’s a bit long.

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