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AU Imagine 4 year-old Naruto and Sasuke playing together in the park, and their parents buying them both an ice-cream. Naruto is so excited he got two scoops instead of one, while Sasuke just had one as usual. Naruto starts to jump around all happy and giggling. Then he stumbles over a rock and…


Sasuke shivered when he felt arms wrap around him protectively, pulling him back against a warm body. He melted into the hold, smiling softly when his lover nuzzled his neck. “Affectionate today, Naruto?” The Uchiha smirked. Naruto always liked spoiling Sasuke, he loved touching him. Naruto brushed his lips softly across Sasuke’s neck.

"Always for you."

(This is honestly one of my favorite pictures of this pairing and I’ve spent at least an hour looking for artists today and I have found no leads…not anywhere. If anyone knows the artist, please message me!)

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